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Best Hairdresser in Monaco

You won’t be disappointed with the hairstyle our Hairdresser gives you, you’ll leave Le Quai 28 looking and feeling wonderful, prepared for any event that’s thrown your way. Services include haircuts, curling, perms, colour and highlights, so whatever look you want to rock, we’ve got you covered. Everything we do revolves around hair: no matter the service, our certified hairdressers will be here to deliver, no matter the request or job size.

We're easily accessible

Our trendy salon caters to all your hair and beauty needs, no matter how extravagant or creative you want to go! If you need hair treatments in a matter of minutes for great prices, then look no further than our local venue. You can fulfil all your beauty requirements by calling and booking an appointment now. We’re just a phone call away!

Quality care and exceptional treatment

Our team of hairdressers delivers wonderful treatments - so whatever our clients’ desires, our central focal point is to offer high-standard, quality hairstyles you can be proud of. Quality plant-based treatments are at the heart of what we do, we supply a broad range of hair treatments. We are open most days, so feel free to pay us a visit. You can also take a look at the thoughts our customers post: we're full of ideas - the good kind!


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